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Average Daily Traffic and Commercial Vehicles Interactive Map

This application has been replaced and is no longer supported. For continued access and more current data, please use INDOT's new Traffic Count Database System.

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*Black dots are segment begin
and end points.
Zoom to a County, City or to a Specific Traffic Station.

*It may be necessary to zoom in for certain layers to display*

**Non-State Owned Federal Aid values are default values**

To contact INDOT with comments or traffic data issues please e-mail: INDOT Traffic Information

This will be information regarding traffic stations, contact information, and more
Traffic Station Information

For instructions regarding accessing Indiana traffic data please read:
Traffic Data Instructions
Traffic Data Instructions-Road School

Additional Information:
Interpreting INDOT Travel Direction

To contact INDOT with comments or traffic data issues please e-mail:
INDOT Traffic Information

General Map Instructions:
Use the scroll button on your mouse to zoom in on the map for more detail. To pan the map hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse in any direction.

Use the Search Tools to zoom to a specific City, County, or Traffic Station.

The toolbar on the upper left of the map may also be used for map navigation.

The Traffic Stations will appear on the map when you have zoomed in close to the highways.

Left click on a station to see detail information and to access station reports.