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Please note: INDOT is in the process of reviewing its benchmark data. Only benchmarks that have been plot verified are displayed on the map. For a status of data review, please see the Data Review tab in the application. If you don’t find any monuments in your work area please e-mail:



Telephone: (317) 610-7251 ext. 289 or ext. 290
The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) provides the foregoing information as a public service.

PROGRESSION OF THE INDOT BENCHMARK NETWORK: In the early years of INDOT surveys, benchmarks were rare and an assumed elevation was used on some projects. Some benchmark tablets were set on structures and this assumed elevation carried to the tablet and an elevation posted but the datum was not defined.

Beginning in the 1960’s, new level circuits were run to some INDOT benchmarks, often originating from a Federal benchmark of known NGVD29 Datum and thus correcting some of these assumed elevations. Some of these datasheets will state “Tied to USC&GS Datum”, stating the Government Agency establishing the elevation. The inference is that due to the year of the datasheet (if date was shown on the datasheet); the posted elevation for that datasheet may be reasonably assumed to be NGVD29 Datum. However, there are many benchmark datasheets that do not have any pertinent information that places the posted elevation on a known datum. Thus there was a need to update the benchmark form and to regulate the requirements for establishing elevations on INDOT benchmark tablets.

Therefore INDOT benchmarks should be considered the lowest priority of use in those cases where the datum source and year is not shown on the datasheet.

[02-29-12] While benchmark data review is on-going, the web application goes back on-line and has undergone several enhancements. The benchmark data in the map includes only benchmarks which have been plot verified.

[01-11-10] The Benchmark Locator application and related data undergoing review and maintenance.

[06-12-09] The More Info... link in the search results table has been enhanced to allow listing and displaying of multiple pdf's and/or multiple photos for a given benchmark.

[06-10-09] Principal meridian has been added as an input option for the Find by Public Land Survey tool.

[01-08-09] The INDOT district boundaries have been added to the map.

[01-07-09] A new tool button [ ] has been added to the map toolbar. It allows you to switch between large and small map sizes.

[12-30-08] INDOT Benchmark Locator site goes live.